Playing Basketball on Messenger

Now your favorite Facebook app is more than just sharing photos and posts on the social media platform. They have improved the meaning of the social media platform to a greater extent and introduced the new function of Basketball on Messenger. This new feature has made the users excited about their new addition. People enjoy the game with their Facebook friends.

This game can be played from both your mobile and desktop and it also offers other incredible features that allow you to record the details of the game and share it with your friends. I have shared all the details of the game in the article below and I hope you like and enjoy it too.

So don’t waste any more time; just read the instructions below as they are easy to follow and understand and start playing the game.

How to play basketball on Messenger in 2022?

Play Basketball on Messenger |  Beat your friends on Facebook

You can now play basketball with your friends on Facebook Messenger. This is true, people all over the world are excited about this news. The most exciting update of this game is that you can play this game one-on-one with your friends, and you can even play this in your group chat with all your other friends.

You can even set a high score and even let others beat your score. You can use this feature in the Facebook Messenger app and also in the web version of Facebook. You just need to install your Facebook messenger and play the game.

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How do you start a basketball on Messenger?

You just need to follow a few simple steps and play the game with your friends on Messenger. Here are the steps.

1. Launch Messenger.

2. Open a chat with your friend in Messenger.

3. Click the emoji icon.

4. Scroll through the third emoji tab with the alarm.

5. Look for the Basketball emoji and click on it.

Play Basketball on Messenger |  Beat your friends on Facebook

6. Send the basketball to your friend.

7. After sending the message, click Basketball and the game starts!

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How to Play Basketball in Facebook Messenger?

Even playing the basketball on Messenger is easy, so just follow the steps below and you’re good to go.

1. Touch the ball with your finger and swipe it towards the basket.

2. For every successful shot you get one point.

3. After successfully throwing the ball into the basket every time, some fun emojis will come out.

Play Basketball on Messenger |  Beat your friends on Facebook

4. After you earn 10 points, the basket will start to move left and right and you need to aim faster.

5. After every 10 points, the speed of the basket increases.

6. Once you miss the basket, the game is over.

7. Once the game is over, your friends will know how much you have scored.

8. The highest score is saved for the future in the top right corner of the game screen.

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How do you play basketball on Messenger?

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The incredible feature of Basketball on Messenger app has excited many users and they enjoy playing the game. You can join many players and enjoy the game as it gets harder as the point increases or your bet to beat your friends on their score. Hope you like the new feature and enjoy playing it with your friends on messenger.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is basketball on Messenger?

Basketball on Messenger is the new game that you can play in Messenger app on Facebook.

Can I beat my friend’s score on Basketball on Messenger?

Yes, your friend’s highest score on Messenger will be displayed. And if you play with them and score more than him, your score will be displayed.

Can I play basketball on Messenger on the web version of Facebook?

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