Post with the most comments on Facebook

With 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook posts an average of more than 4.7 billion items shared on the platform every day. Not everything is a winner, but some win hearts. Facebook comments are the reactions to a photo or post with a limit of 8000 characters. Let’s see most commented post on Facebook.

World records on Facebook are set and broken in the blink of an eye. World records are made when the creators tell the Guinness World Record team to check. If the makers are not contacted for their records, something like a comic book is left behind. Guinness world records remain the same as no one else has come to break them.

The most commented post on Facebook by Guinness World Record has already been broken by another user who never claimed the world record. There are so many records on Facebook comments. Keep your eyes wide open for most commented series. Let’s turn the pages of the most commented post on Facebook first.

Post with the most comments on Facebook

Despite the world records, people are setting new records on Facebook posts, or are creators unaware of the ability to add their achievements to world records. Check out the first in the most commented post on the Facebook list.

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1. Sulfikar Hartono

This post has become one of the tragic memes in Indonesia. The creator posted this image with the caption ‘Takbiran ya Balapan’ which means ‘Eid of Racing’. Takbiran night is the day of Eid in Indonesia, when people recite ‘Takbirs’ (an Arabic verse used on various occasions by Muslims around the world).

The creator found his death hours later from road cycling, making the post more viral. The message has more than . generated 2 million comments making it the most commented post on Facebook.

Post with the most comments on Facebook |  Frontier Ville fans have made history!

2. Frontier Ville Fan Power

A Facebook team, ‘Ffg Pioneers’, decided to break previous records for the most commented on posts on Facebook. They posted a note that read “This is it” and asked their community to talk about everything in the comments in hopes of breaking the world record. It received nearly 1 million comments on Facebook and reached the Guinness World Records in January 2012.

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image of a Facebook post;  most commented post on Facebook

The item with the most comments on Facebook

A Facebook post can be an image or a post description. A Facebook item can be a post, video, or status. The item with the most comments on Facebook belongs to the status of spiritual guru, Gurushri Rajendra Ji Maharaj Jaap Club, who asks their followers to type ‘Ram’ in the comments. The message was a Facebook status. They took it so obediently and commented 18697614 times.

Gurushri Rajendra Ji Maharaj;  most commented post on Facebook

Facebook Comments Records

1. Longest comment from two people on Facebook- Dawar Kazi from Pakistan (274456 comments)

image of Facebook comments;  Post with the most comments on Facebook

2. The longest comment thread on Facebook video Oscar Sykes from the US. (5079 comments)

3. Most comments on a Facebook post in a group – Jack Stokes from the US. (590614 comments)

These are the records with the most comments on Facebook.

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Remark: Many messages and items from this list were posted years ago. So, if you have any information about the most commented Facebook post in 2022, let us know in the comment section.

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Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with a wide opportunity to create and break new records. Some intentionally create world records, while others accidentally create and leave them behind.

We’ve covered most commented on Facebook posts, most commented on Facebook and other Facebook comment records. We hope you enjoyed the performance. If you know more, let us know in the comments. Let’s elaborate the list further!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most commented post on Facebook?

According to Guinness World Records, a fan group of Frontier Ville games has set the record for the most commented post on Facebook with 1 million comments.

2. Who has the most comments on Facebook?

A person named Sulfikar Hartono has 2 million comments on his post.

3. Which comment has the most likes on Facebook?

Stephen King’s response to a user garnered 19 billion likes, which is certain that most of the likes came from bots. Because the earth has only

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