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Facebook is a platform widely used by millions of people around the world. While Facebook has upgraded its privacy and security policies, some loopholes can be easily broken. Among them, the most common is: how to send anonymous messages on facebook. You can do that by following some simple steps. All the details are mentioned below in our article.

While sending messages, you need to remember one thing; the messages must not contain anything inappropriate, threatening or harmful to the user you are sending. These things are strictly against Facebook’s Community Guidelines.

Therefore, keep the disclaimer in mind when making such a post and work accordingly. That’s why I want to explain below how you can send anonymous messages to a user and a group.

How to send anonymous messages on Facebook?

Send anonymous messages on Facebook |  6 steps to send messages in incognito

It is quite easy to send anonymous messages on Facebook. You need to go through the guided steps below and your job is done.

1. Launch Facebook

Launch FB on Laptop - Send Anonymous Messages on Facebook |  6 steps for sending messages via incognito

To continue with this method, a laptop or desktop is preferred.

2. Write the name

After opening Facebook, go to search is on and write the name of the user to whom you want to send the message.

3. Copy URL

Go to the page of the user you want to send the message to. Copy the URL at the top of the page.

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4. Open the email

Log in to the email account from which you want to send the message anonymously.

5. Copy username

Go to the Compose tab of the email account. Paste the username previously copied into the “To” of the composed email. Then type @facebook . com.

6. Send message

Sending Email to Facebook Usage - Send Anonymous Messages on Facebook

Then type your message and write the subject and click send.

The most surprising part of the process is that even though the message is sent from an email account, the user would receive the message in their Facebook account.

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How to send anonymous messages with another Facebook account?

create a fake account - How to send anonymous messages on Facebook

The method is relatively easy to use and follow. You must log out of your original account on Facebook. Create a new fake account with all the required details. Then search for the user to whom you want to send an anonymous message and send the message.

Disclaimer Such methods are not always the right option as they can get you in trouble. It’s even against Facebook’s rules. So do it at your own risk.

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How to send an anonymous message on a Facebook group?

Sending anonymous group messages can take a long time, but it’s easy. Therefore, please refer to the process below without wasting any more time.

1. Launch Facebook

start fb on laptop or desktop - send email to facebook - send anonymous messages on facebook

Open the Facebook app from your desktop or laptop. Log in to your account.

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2. Click on the horizontal lines

After opening, click on the three horizontal lines in the right corner of the page.

3. Click on groups

Anonymous posts on Facebook

After the above steps, you will find some options. Click on the group you want to send the anonymous message to.

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4. Select prompt

After the last step, you would land on the option “prompt to create a message”. Click here; after that you will get many options to post photos, videos and more. You have to scroll down and write a prompt. This is where you should write your message.

5. Turn on the message

After writing your message, enable the message anonymously.

6. Send message

anonymous message in fb group

After making the message anonymous and swapping it, click send. After that, your message would appear in the group with the username group member.

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Shut down

I hope your tingling excitement is satisfied with the above article. I recommend that you do not send anonymous messages to the user if it is not necessary. I think it’s unethical and against Facebook’s principles. That’s why I recommend that you message the person directly. The steps above are sincere and Facebook only allows sending anonymous messages to groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to send anonymous messages on Facebook?

You can send anonymous messages to any user on Facebook via email.

Can I send anonymous messages to a group on Facebook?

Yes, you can send anonymous messages to a group on Facebook from your Facebook account.

Is sending anonymous messages on Facebook legal?

Facebook allows sending anonymous messages in groups. In addition, you cannot send inappropriate content or death threats through those messages.

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