Snapchat won’t open | Know the Reasons and Solutions RN (2022)

If your Snapchat app crashes and won’t open, guess what you’re not alone. Many users have had the same problem with their Snapchat app crashing immediately and refusing to open. The problem of Snapchat not opening is not exclusive to any operating system. Both Android and iOS users may face the problem. In this article I will tell you Why Snapchat Won’t Open and what possible solutions can be applied to make your Snapchat work.

If you’re someone who’s worried about what to do if Snapchat won’t open, you’ve come to the right place. If Snapchat doesn’t work, you could lose your stripes on the platform. But don’t worry, without further ado, let’s dig to know, why Snapchat won’t open and what are the possible solutions to solve your problem.

Why Snapchat Won’t Open?

Snapchat won't open

There could be a number of reasons why Snapchat stops working and crashes immediately. But the most common reason why? Snapchat cannot be opened because the Snapchat server is unavailable.

Another possible reason why Snapchat won’t open your Snapchat is because of the temporary outage in the Snapchat app. Temporary bugs can always creep into the app and hinder the proper functioning of the app.

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How To Fix Snapchat Not Opening?

It can be quite annoying to get pop-up messages like, “Unfortunately, Snapchat has stopped” or Snapchat won’t open or Snapchat won’t refresh. All these glitches cannot make a user use Snapchat. To know how to fix Snapchat won’t open, you need to follow the given methods.

Remark: Before trying the following solutions for your Snapchat, check if the Snapchat servers are down. To do this, you need to check for the Down detector website, a website that provides real-time information about outages on major platforms. You can also go to Twitters @snapchatsupport page, if the server is down, the page will tweet about it.

Method 1: Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Glitch by Uninstalling and Reinstalling Snapchat

Snapchat won't open

If the problem is not on the server side, you may need to fix the problem on your side by trying the solutions mentioned in the article. Uninstall your Snapchat app, To uninstall Snapchat app, go to Settingstap on Generalgo to Storage and iCloud Usagetap on Storage managementselect Snapchat and click Delete app.

After uninstalling the Snapchat app, reinstall it from the Play Store or App Store. After installing the Snapchat app, type in your credentials and log in to your Snapchat app. Check if Snapchat won’t open issue is resolved.

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Method 2: Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Glitch by Checking for Stable Internet Connection

Sometimes temporary outages occur and users blame Snapchat servers. Before trying other solutions, make sure you are connected to a stable internet connection. Try switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data or vice versa to fix the temporary problem of your Snapchat app.

Method 3: Fix Snapchat won’t open glitch by making sure Snapchat app is up to date

Snapchat won't open

Snapchat glitches won’t open or crashed immediately because your Snapchat app may not have been updated to the latest version. To update your Snapchat app to the latest version, just visit the Google Play Store or App Store on your Android or iOS device, type Snapchat and update Snapchat app to the updated version.

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Method 4: Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Glitch by Clearing Snapchat App Cache

Snapchat won't open

Since then, anyone who uses Snapchat regularly knows how often they receive messages on the platform. A lot of redundant data is stored in the app’s storage space. Snapchat app won’t open, download issue or keeps crashing can be fixed by clearing excessive cache in Snapchat app.

To clear the Snapchat cache, you need to go to your device’s settingsin the app sectiontap on Snapchatand delete the Snapchat App Cache.

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Method 5: Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Glitch By Not Using Snapchat Beta

Thanks to Google, any user can participate in the beta testing of the next version update of apps. App developers have released the beta test versions so that users and participants can point out bugs in the app. Beta software usually always contains bugs and if you are using the beta version of the Snapchat app, you are likely to run into issues in the Snapchat app.

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Method 6: Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Glitch by Checking Your Snapchat Permissions

Snapchat won't open

If you don’t open Snapchat, you may not have allowed your Snapchat app to run on your device. For example, Snapchat won’t open the camera if you don’t give the app the proper permissions to use all of your phone’s features. To grant permissions to the Snapchat app, you need to go to the settings from your device, in the app section, tap Snapchatenable the permissions and give access to Location, camera, microphone, photos and mobile data.

Shut down

Snapchat is known for its quick updates to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the young generation. Many users are confused as to why their Snapchat won’t open and stop working. To know why? Snapchat won’t open and what possible solutions can be applied to make your Snapchat work, read the whole article and share it with your friends. For more trending stuff, keep visiting Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Fix When Snapchat Won’t Open?

1. By uninstalling and reinstalling Snapchat.
2. By checking your Snapchat permissions.
3. By clearing the cache of the Snapchat app.
4. By not using Snapchat beta.

Why is Snapchat not opening?

One of the main reasons why Snapchat won’t open is because the Snapchat server is down or it could be a temporary glitch in the Snapchat app.

How do you check if Snapchat is offline?

you should check out the Downdetector website, which is a website that provides real-time information about outages on major platforms. You can also visit Twitter’s @snapchatsupport page.

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