Sneako banned from YouTube? This is why both his accounts were deleted

Sneako is not a new face in controversy. He is known for his toxic comments about women. But this time YouTube had had enough, it seems. Here’s your answer to why Sneako was banned from YouTube. Both of his streaming channels were removed from the platform on October 3.

Youtube is everyone’s first choice to know what’s happening. You can find the most watched video in 2022. But over time, YouTube has become sensitive to the hatred that creators get. So now the dislikes are hidden on YouTube. This makes sense since users can leave nasty comments on videos if there are more dislikes for the video. You can now also share your YouTube video on Instagram.

So, why was Sneako banned from YouTube? Here’s everything you need to know about this controversy.

Why was Sneako banned from YouTube?

Sneako banned from YouTube

Sneako, one of the infamous and controversial YouTube streamers, lost both of his YouTube channels on October 3. The channels were removed on the basis of “serious” and “repeated” violations of YouTube’s Terms of Service. Andrew Tate faced similar repercussions for his controversial comments on YouTube. Looks like Sneako is facing the same thing.

Sneako’s YT channel “Sneako” had over 1.2 million subscribers before it was suspended. The other YouTube channel “Shneako” had about 800K subscribers. Sneako posted on his Instagram handle that disruptive channels were being removed for violating the platform’s policies. He later deleted the screenshot.

Fans quickly realized this was because of Sneako’s association with Andrew Tate. Both have struggled with their toxic view of women. So it wasn’t a shock. The timing of Sneako’s channel ban and his association with Andrew Tate was evidence enough for fans to know the reason.

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So now you know why Sneako was banned from YouTube. Both of his channels have been removed from YouTube for violation of the TOS. We will keep coming with more trending news. Follow Path of EX to never miss an article again!

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