The best ways to make money on Pinterest without blogging

Pinterest is one of the excellent image sharing platforms. Usually people use it for better ideas or to finalize their ideas. Pinterest is also the best building base for businesses. It will drive more traffic and engagement to your business account. Everyone knows how to make money on Pinterest with a blog. But you won’t be familiar with how to make money on Pinterest without blogs† You may be thinking, is that even possible? Yes!

Quite a few people around the world are making up to $1000 with just a Pinterest account. If you have a clear idea of ​​your target audience and niche, you can make money on Pinterest even without a blog. Pinterest users usually visit Pinterest to make a purchase decision or to shop. Thus, Pinterest provides over 90% of the opportunities for your business idea to thrive.

If you don’t believe in running a business or running a blog to generate more sales, you can just skip to the good part. Here is the list of opportunities to monetize your Pinterest without blogs. let’s learn how to make money on Pinterest without blogs† Print some dollars!

How to make money on Pinterest by selling physical products?

There is no need to have a website to sell on Pinterest. You can have a small shop on Etsy or Amazon, a small TikTok or Instagram account with your small business – either is fine. Link to your stores with creative pins on Pinterest. Selling physical products is a top priority to make money on Pinterest without blogs.

Seller and buyer cartoon;  Make money on Pinterest without a vlog

Create compelling images of your products and create Pins. Canva can be your perfect partner to get started with brochures and catalogs. Beauty, fashion and DIY have a large audience on Pinterest. Even if you’re not in this niche, you can still make a dime as Pinterest has over 431 million active users. Think you’re the only one selling recycled shoes? New. Pinterest works like a million dollar market if you have a clear idea of ​​your niche.

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How to sell digital products on Pinterest?

the 21st century is all about digitization, you know. We’re not ready to bring a book to read when we have e-reading apps. Sometimes we don’t even read, we listen to podcasts. Advertisements, business offers and even paper works are now digitized. If you have the opportunity to make a design, sell it. If you can write clearly, try your luck as a copywriter and sell samples. Other digital products can be,

Hand holding smartphone with hand drawn media icons and symbols concept;  Make money on Pinterest without a vlog
  • printables
  • planners
  • Ready-made spreadsheets
  • Diary overviews
  • E-book
  • Teach courses with PowerPoint slides

You should not think hopelessly about how to make money on Pinterest without blogs if you have access to one of the plans mentioned above. What we love most about selling digital products on Pinterest is that you don’t need to have a huge amount of capital. Usually digital products can be conceived for free. Multiple copies of one product can be marketed. No shipping costs or fear of damage to products en route.

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How to make money on Pinterest without blogs | Affiliate Marketing

If you are too lazy to start and control a business, you can try affiliate marketing. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, we can easily define it with an example for you.

affiliate marketing demo;  Make money on Pinterest without a vlog

Imagine you have shared a product link from Amazon with your friend. Your friend liked it and bought it in an instant. Knowing that you shared the link, Amazon decided to reward you for it. This is called affiliate marketing. Let’s take a look at how to make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing.

  1. Create a Pinterest business account.
  2. Pick a niche to work with.
  3. Build an audience for that niche with visually appealing pins.
  4. Look for brands that offer affiliate marketing in your niche.
  5. Sign up for affiliate marketing with that brand.
  6. Create pins that share a link with affiliate links.
  7. When someone makes a purchase through your pin, you get a commission!

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Offer a service on Pinterest to make money without blogs

Pinterest virtual assistant cartoon;  Make money on pinterest without a vlog

Digital marketing is one of the most powerful tools today. There are several creators who have so much talent but have no idea how to push it in the right direction. If you have the ability to develop a Pinterest account with decent monthly views, offer that service to a creator struggling with the business. Pinterest’s virtual assistant is an excellent way to make money on Pinterest without blogging.

Get sponsorship from Pinterest

If you have a Pinterest account with a great monthly view count, you can get sponsorship from brands to sell their products on your pins. If you’re confident enough of yourself, contact brands instead of waiting for them to contact you. How do you reach brands? Follow these methods,

Make money on Pinterest without a vlog
  1. Target a brand.
  2. Find a way to contact their product manager.
  3. Show your interest.
  4. Convince them with a media kit with all the qualifications that emphasize your eligibility.

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How do beginners make money on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a mini Google. The search results are highly optimized. Pinterest even categorizes Pins with a visual scan. If there’s a dress, footwear, and makeup, Pinterest will most likely show it under fashion-related searches. So, if you are a beginner, try to have more ideas about how Pinterest works.

  1. Complete a niche to work with.
  2. Use applications like Canva to create pins.
  3. Optimize your Pinterest account.
  4. Create group boards.
  5. Use automatic pin scheduling.

Shut down

Pinterest is an excellent platform for making money. You don’t need a business account with a well-developed business foundation to make money on Pinterest. How to make money on Pinterest without blogs has been popular on Google lately. There are several methods of making money on Pinterest without blogging, such as affiliate marketing, offering services, and selling physical or digital products.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have other ideas to share, let us know in the comment.

Until then, Toodaloo

Frequently Asked Questions

How many followers on Pinterest do you need to make money?

Pinterest never counts the number of followers. It gives more importance to the impressions you have made. Practice the right keywords according to your niche.

How to make money on Pinterest with a blog?

1. Create compelling Pins to build more engagement.
2. Create pins based on your audience.
3. Use affiliate marketing links.
4. Add a link to your website
5. Use Pinterest ads.
6. Watch out for sponsorships.

Is Pinterest good for digital marketing?

Yes. Pinterest has over 431 million active users. Everyone is coming to Pinterest for more innovative ideas. So if you sell your business on Pinterest, you’ll get more returns than any of the social media platforms advertised.

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