The journey from ‘The house nobody asked for’ to ‘The end nobody asked for’

The house no one asked for is a collab content house of 8 well-known social media stars that was initially founded to escape the parties and drama of LA and, most importantly, to find a cheaper housing alternative. But soon it evolved into something completely different and unique. It not only started to gain fame but became a fan favorite in no time.

Think of the times when accidents accidentally turn out to be in your favor. Woah.. that’s an accident!! Thanks, I know I’m very good… You can compliment me on as much as you want in the comments. Just kidding…but you really must have been through situations where you start something like a joke, but it ends up being the best decision of your life.

Well, that’s what happened to this house. The House No One Asked For is a famous home for content creation that exceeded everyone’s expectations, especially its founders, and left its mark on the entertainment world.

The popularity that the house and its members gained seemed completely worthy of being different from other houses. Rather than just copying the ideas of others or following the trend, they introduced their own twist and made everyone curious. Just like you would like to know what that special ingredient of their recipe is. Do not worry; we are here to hold your hand and guide you through this amazing journey and of course fill you with all the juicy and spicy gossip..lalalaa.

What is “The House No One Asked For” (THNAF)??

Well, it’s literally what it sounds like. Mainly for two reasons: firstly, it was not intended to create such a house, but it happened and somehow evolved to such a great height. Second, no one expected there to be such a thing as a house with comedic content, but they broke the label and came out with flying others.

It consists of a group of eight creators who play pranks and create humorous videos about the antics that take place between them. Their videos are sometimes skits or ripped with self-mockery and sarcastic conversation. While the rest of the houses have risen on their viral dance videos and trends, THNAF was the first to launch as a growing comic house.

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Who made it ‘The house nobody asked for’ and how…??

In the summer of 2021, eight influencers tired and bored of the typical Los Angeles lifestyle thought about a change of residence. THNAF started in a place 1 hour outside of LA, where Will Mahony and Tyler Funke, the founders, rented an Airbnb for two months. But gradually, in August, they decided to grow bigger and moved to a rented country house where all the members could live. They eventually settled in Las Vegas.

The house saw a rapid increase in fan base as it reached over 2.6 million followers on TikTok, but what makes this house unique is the fact that their content is primarily comedic, funny and enjoyable. The uniqueness of the concept made them popular from the very beginning and audiences loved the chaotic, messy personalities of their members.

Ricke, the group member, once said in an interview. “I went to iHop with a large group of people while I was at Playlist Live, and Will was there. He put this whole house together. […] I lied to my parents and told them I knew at least half the people [in the house]but I didn’t know anyone.”

In August, Ogo Akamelu became the non-exclusive manager for handling house-wide partnerships and, for the group, landed two of the highest paying brand deals: Chipotle and Tinder. Now the group is dividing the sponsorship into nine parts.

Mahony once said: “We see ourselves as equals because once the company gets in the way, we’re going to fall apart, you know?”

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Where is the “The house nobody asked for”!?

the house where no one asked for a mansion
The house no one asked for Mansion

Wow..!! That sounds interesting. Where is the “The house no one asked for” located ?? It does sound a bit gothic and medieval…

As mentioned before, it is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The group signed the lease on the Las Vegas mansion for four months with the help of some of their parents and legal advisers. The group’s first sponsor, the MSCHF brand, has also acted as a guarantor. New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz once wrote a piece about the house in August 2020. If you want detailed information about the mansion, read it.

Who’s in the “house no one asked for”

Who are the official members and which of the members currently living in the house has always been the concern of the people? They just can’t get enough of the gossip.

Everything gets tricky when it comes to numbers, and even more so in business. While other houses like hype house and clubhouse were in constant discussion about their new members, abundance doesn’t always lead to better quality content. Unlike others, they didn’t let the house blend their personalities together. Instead of getting lost in the persona of the group and losing their uniqueness, the members of the “The house no one asked for” held on to their individuality and gave us not one but…many personalities…

And no, I don’t mean split personalities… But just like a giant ice cream cone filled with all your favorite flavors. Mine are chocolate chips, blueberry, mint and..!! sorry sorry i usually get distracted by deserts.. anyway where were we… yes those cute young teens-

influencer TikTok handle
Anthpo @anthpo
8illy (billy) @8illy
Caroline Ricke @richcaroline
Dawn Morante @thedawndishsoap
Marco Borghi @polo.boyy
Tobias Phillips @toborowitz
Tyler Funke @tylerfunke
wahony @wahony

All members of the house were pre-established and had their own fans. Even the house now has over 2.6 million followers; as a result, nearly every video from the group has over a million views. The video of the house for Chipotle now has more than nine million views and almost a million likes. Impressive isn’t it??

Imagine getting 9 million views on your Instagram or TikTok; it’s a call to celebration..!!!

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Suddenly the house nobody asked for turned into the house everyone longs for: living with friends in a luxurious mansion that makes fun of each other. Seriously!! What more do you need… ohhh you forgot 1 more thing – A laptop or a phone to read my articles.. right!!? Thank you..

Even the members loved being a part of it and often showed their respect and admiration for the group-

Everyone in the group works hard and every day at 9 am they come together for a group meeting to discuss the group.

How is “The House No One Asked For” Different!?

Unlike other TikTok houses, where many of the same types of people mix (THNAF), The House Nobody Asked For seems to revolve around the different concepts, here comrades play the shticks of each of the members. All influencers are comedians with their own comedic acts and jokes. Many of their videos are one big sketch with mini one-liners.

If you’re familiar with this TikTok media, you’ve probably heard the name. But if you haven’t already, believe me, these videos are worth spending the time on. Although it’s a bit chaotic, it works. Their bits are funny, entertaining and take you out of your daily stressful life.

Besides, it was just a spontaneous idea with no planning, backup or serious thought. It was just a vacation that turned into something really big and wonderful… might I add.

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Will, the member once said:

“Why is everyone making a house all of a sudden…like, who asked for all these houses?”

“We thought it would be a funny concept, we just realized, yeah, literally no person has asked to put this house together. It’s just such a random group of comedy creators on TikTok with different styles. No soul was like, ‘Yo, I can’t wait for that Polo Boy x Anthpo collab!’… No one asked about us, but here we are.”

Plus, they were the first house not to compete with hype, sway, or the other houses. There were never any controversies or rumours; instead, they just focused on their content and had a lot of fun creating it.

“We kind of realized that there really weren’t any home accounts that were making quality content that’s really entertaining, so we said, ‘Oh well, let’s just try to make some funny stuff and see where it goes’. We never saw Sway of Hype as a competition.”

This was the evolved vision people were looking for; as they said: “There shouldn’t be two sides that don’t like each other. We just want atmosphere.

Understood.!! We all just want atmosphere and don’t give a damn about the others.

“The House No One Asked For”

The House Nobody Asked For is comical and highlights the personalities of its creators – and we can’t get enough…

Tiktok: the house no one asked for

Followers- 75.8k

Instagramthe house no one asked for

Followers- 2.7M

Are there any other houses like “The house nobody asked for”

When they saw their concept, many others were influenced, and since all masterpieces have their copies. The Pound and Camp Sike also launched their comedy content houses in August and September respectively. They created funny videos and challenges with humorous content.

I think that’s exactly the kind of fun and entertainment we were looking for in these challenging times of the midst of the crisis.

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Has ‘the house nobody asked for’ ended?

Sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, but as heartbreaking as this news is, it’s totally true. After spending these healthy 5 months, the member decided it was time to focus on himself. The group decided to end the journey and say goodbye by posting and naming their last twelve videos “the end no one asked for”

Disappointing but true, this really was the ending that no one wanted and no one asked for. But the content creators had to go their own way.

It’s okay if we survived the f*****g pandemic; I think we can survive this too. You still have me after all..!!!

Shut down

Well, even though it came to an end, it was a hellish journey. We will miss the eight creative members who entertained us creating crazy acts and parodies full of self-mockery and humor. It was fun, wasn’t it?? When it comes to content, it was definitely one of my favorites… Who’s yours?? Say.. !!

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