TikTok Introduces ‘In the Moment’ Spontaneity with ‘TikTok Now’ in 2022

TikTok is full of surprises for you in the coming weeks. They have introduced a lot of new features on the platform. They might even introduce a new app, but they would after measuring the user experience on their platform. TikTok Introduces ‘In the Moment’ Spontaneity with ‘TikTok Now’‘. This is the most exciting feature that most users are waiting for and would love to use.

Currently, the feature is only available in the US, but it will soon be available worldwide. So if you’ve already used or used the feature, I suggest you enjoy it, but if not, read our article with the latest information about the feature. I am sure you would be excited enough to read it and would like to use it at the earliest.

So without further delay, read about TikTok introduces ‘In the Moment’ spontaneity with ‘TikTok Now’. Share your valuable feedback in the comments below.

TikTok Introduces ‘In the Moment’ Spontaneity with ‘TikTok Now’

TikTok Introduces 'In the Moment' Spontaneity with 'TikTok Now' in 2022

New and unique features are not uncommon on TikTok. Once again they have introduced a new feature similar to the photo sharing platform BeReal. The feature is now called TikTok and sends a push notification to all users on the platform. They have to capture their spontaneous moments in a 10-second window.

If you post within three minutes of the notification, you will receive a ‘on time’ message from the platform. If you post a message three minutes after receiving the notification, you’ll get the message that you posted too late.

TikTok is introducing this feature to bring authenticity and creativity to the platform. It will help its users to connect with others on the platform and share their honest and raw moments. The company is also thinking about releasing TikTok as a standalone app now. It is only available in some countries, but will be available worldwide soon.

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Official statement from TikTok

TikTok official statement for TikTok now

The company recently released a statement announcing that they will be rolling out new features and experimenting with user experience on the platform in the coming days. Accordingly, they would plan their future efforts on the platform.

The user under 16 would find their TikTok Now feature private by default. This is done solely for the safety of the user. Users under 18 can’t share their TikTik on their exploration feed right now. Users between the ages of 13 and 15 have limited their comment options to friends only. Only users 18 years and older can choose to make their TikTok now content visible to everyone.

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Your TikTok app has improved its function to make it rawer and fairer to its users. It is cloning its competitors and trying to bring in the same features with variations on the platform. I hope you will use the new feature soon. Subscribe to our website as we will keep you updated on the new features in TikTok or other social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s TikTok Introduces ‘In the Moment’ Spontaneity With ‘TikTok Now’?

TikTok Introduces ‘In the Moment’ Spontaneity With ‘TikTok Now’ you get a notification from the platform to click on a photo or capture a 10-second video and post it on the platform.

The TikTok Now feature in my app is private and I can’t share my photo.

If you are a TikTok user under 16, your TikTok now feature will be private by default.

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