TikTok Memes on Grandfather Clock in Stranger Things 4

Now that the first part of Stranger Things season 4 is out, fans on TikTok can’t help but speculate about the second part. The first part was filled with lots of Easter eggs. The grandfather clock in Creel’s house, a repetitive object, has certainly caught people’s attention.

Fans have guessed wildly about the grandfather clock! They believe that the clock plays an important role in the series. This can even be part of a marketing campaign. If you think about it, something isn’t right. Stranger Things is a young horror story and the addition of something as old as the grandfather clock shows that there is something in the past that will influence the plot of the series.

So are you ready to put the pieces together and understand the story of Victor Creel’s house in the 1950s? Hop in and let’s see what people have to say about the creepy clock!

Strange Things Creepy Grandfather Clock Memes

Season 4 of Stranger Things featured a villain named Vecna. Vecna ​​is a humanoid who psychologically goes after his victims and shows them visions. Those visions begin with people seeing a scary broken grandfather clock out of nowhere. This is an indication that the victim has less than a day to live.

Many people believe there is a hidden meaning behind the clock’s appearance for the victims of Vecna ​​in Stranger Things.

In the real world, it is allegedly believed that a grandfather clock appearing in one’s dreams signifies that one’s past is catching up with them. (Scry enough!)

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Many different theories about the creepy clock are circulating on social media. Fans expect to see the real importance of the clock in part 2 of the season. After showing up in the visions of Vecna’s victim, the grandfather clock keeps fans awake at night, living in their nightmares as they brood over the terrifying sound.

Grandfather Clock Meaning

Grandfather Clock Meaning

Some people believe that the clock can be a way to get across. Now that we know that Vecna ​​is a human, who lives upside down and can open a portal wherever he attacks. Chances are that the grandfather clock is an important portal to the other side.

Other theories suggest that the clock is an object that enhances Vecna’s abilities to open a portal. Whatever the true theory is, we can be sure of one thing: it’s scary AF!

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Shut down

This is all people have talked and speculated about about the grandfather clock. Let me know what you think the meaning of the clock is and if it will affect the plot of the series.

Until Volume 2 comes out, make sure you have your favorite song and a music player handy! Always!

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