TikTok not uploading your video? Try these 7 easy solutions

TikTok has a new trending video almost every day. But it can be annoying if your video doesn’t upload. Here are 7 fixes for TikTok not uploading your video. You can try these quick hacks to fix this problem.

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So, what can you do if your TikTok video is not uploading? Here are some solutions you can try for TikTok not uploading your video.

What to do if TikTok doesn’t upload your video?

TikTok won't upload your video

There could be several reasons why TikTok is not uploading your video. There may be a problem with the TikTok servers. Or there may be a problem with your network. Here are some solutions you can try if you find TikTok not uploading your video.

1. Check if TikTok is not running

TikTok won't upload your video

If you’re having trouble uploading a video on TikTok, this is the first thing to do. You need to check if TikTok’s servers are down. This may prevent TikTok from uploading your video. You can only wait for the TikTok servers to work again. If this is not the problem then you may want to clear the app cache. Let me tell you how to do that.

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2. Clear app cache

TikTok won't upload your video

Another reason why your videos may not be uploading on TikTok is the accumulated app cache. TikTok collects the app cache for an easier browsing experience. If you don’t clear it often, it keeps adding. You can try clearing the app cache to prevent TikTok from not uploading your video.

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3. Clear app data

TikTok won't upload your video

One way you can try to fix your video not uploading is to clear app data. Try clearing app data if you regularly record videos on TikTok. An overload of videos stored in the app can cause the app to malfunction. Heavy app data storage can also cause your TikTok to lag time and again. Resulting in interruptions in the uploading of videos.

If you are using an Android phone, go to Settings> Apps and notifications> TikTok > Storage & Cache> Tap Clear data.

For iPhone, open TikTok> tap me> tap the three horizontal dots> tap Clear cache.

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4. Restart your phone

TikTok won't upload your video

If the problem of TikTok not uploading your videos still persists, try restarting your phone. If there was a problem with an update, restarting your phone should fix it. Android users can long press the power button> tap Restart. If you have an iPhone, long press the power button> slide the power switch> wait a few minutes before starting your iPhone again.

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5. Check for Community Guidelines schending

TikTok won't upload your video

TikTok may not upload your video if you violated the Community Guidelines. Now this won’t just happen. You’ll receive a notification in the app and in an email if any of your videos violated the Community Guidelines. The video will be deleted immediately. But if you continue to ignore such warnings, TikTok will block your account from posting. This will prevent TikTok from uploading your video.

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6. Check your WiFi or network

TikTok won't upload your video

Your TikTok video may not be uploading due to a bad connection. Make sure your WiFi is connected to the internet. If you are using a cellular network, make sure there is network coverage. A bad network connection can make uploading your TikTok video difficult.

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7. Report to TikTok Support

TikTok won't upload your video

If you’ve completed all of the above fixes and are sure you haven’t broken any guidelines, please report this error to TikTok support. You can report this by going to App settings> Feedback. You can then state your problem and add a screenshot if you have one. This will prove the authenticity of the issue you are reporting.

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So now you know how to fix TikTok. Do not upload your videos. You can try these 7 easy solutions. These should solve your problem. We will keep coming with more such updates. Follow us and keep visiting Path of EX!

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