TikTok not working | Try these 7 solutions to fix the problem

I know it’s frustrating when your favorite app isn’t working properly. Then you try to solve it in different ways, but it just doesn’t work. Something similar has happened in TikTok. Many users complain that TikTok not working correct. This complaint increases with the number of glitches found in the app. Sometimes the number of views is zero; sometimes the videos are rated and then the DM doesn’t work either.

That is why I have prepared an article to help you solve the problem. I have tried some of his solutions; believe me, they worked miracles. So I thought to share the problem with you and give you the solutions available to me.

So read our updated article now and get to know the real tips to fix the problem of TikTok not working.

How to fix TikTok not working?

How to fix TikTok not working?

There could be many reasons why TikTok is not working. Users face issues like DM not working, videos are rated and there are no views in the videos. Therefore, the real reason for these glitches is still unknown so let us know the solutions that you can use to fix the problem on your part.

1. Check the internet connection

Check internet connection - for tiktok app

You can check the internet connection on the device you use TikTok on. You can try switching to a different network if the connection is not stable. You can also try using a cellular network or Wi-Fi data. Whatever suits you best, go for it. When you change the internet connection, the problem of TikTok not working disappears.

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2. Restart the app

Restart the app - for tiktok app

You can try to restart the app and fix the problem. When you restart the app, the bugs and glitches in the app will be removed. The junk files will also be removed from the app. Therefore, the app would run smoothly. So try this option and I’m sure your problem will be solved.

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3. Check for updates

Check for updates - inTikTok

When you update the app, you get rid of the bugs and glitches in the app. Therefore, always keep your app up-to-date and use the latest version. I am sure that when you try this hack, your problem of TikTok not working will be solved. So you can update the app from your App Store or Play Store.

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4. Clear App Cache

    Clear App Cache - For TikTok

Clearing the app cache would help you solve the problem for the most part. With the app you remove unwanted files and cookies. The app also starts to run smoothly. The presence of the cache and cookies sometimes hinders the proper functioning of the app. So cleaning them up from time to time can help you fix issues like TikTok not working.

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5. Uninstall and Install App

Uninstall and install app - in TikTok

You can also try uninstalling and installing the app. This method works wonders for many users. You’ll get rid of the glitches when you try this, and your app starts running smoothly. I’ve also used it to troubleshoot one of my apps. Believe me; it worked wonders.

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6. Check Down Detector

Check Down Detector App

You can go to the Down Detector website and check if there is a peak in the graph. The downward detector always shows the real-time situation that the app is dealing with. So if you see a spike in the app, rest assured that there is a problem and many users are facing it.

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7. Contact TikTok Support

Contact TikTok Support

If the above solutions don’t work, you can contact the TikTok support team. You need to explain the problem to them in detail, and they will get back to you within a few hours. And your problem will be solved.

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Shut down

TikTok can be offline for several reasons. But now I believe you can solve the problem if it comes from your side. You just need to try the above solutions and your job is done. So I think the article helped you to solve the problem easily. You can also subscribe to our website, Path of EX, for hacks on other social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is TikTok not working?

TikTok not working can happen for various reasons. There may be bugs and glitches in the app that prevent it from working properly, and there may also be issues on the user’s part.

How can I fix TikTok not working?

To solve the problem of TikTok not working, you should try hacks like updating the app, uninstalling and installing the app, restarting the app, checking the internet connection and more.

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