TikTok’s One Thing About Me trend

TikTok is a platform that initiates new trends and challenges and keeps the users glued to the platform. Most trends that start on the platform also spread to other social media platforms. The recent one is TikTok’s One Thing About Me trend. All users are enjoying this trend on TikTok and some have even joined this trend.

That’s why we’ve put together an article to help you understand the trend and get in the mood. I am sure you will like the tunes and enjoy the trends. Who knows, you might even want to join the trend. So without wasting much time, read the article ahead. You will get the latest information on the trend below.

TikTok’s “One Thing About Me” Trend

TikTok's One Thing About Me Trend |  Groove in the melodies of TikTok

TikTok is trending with ‘one thing about me’. I find this trend unique because users share their past or rather their childhood and that is interesting to listen to. Users post those stories in videos and other users on the platform enjoy it. This trend has started on the platform to share their share on TikTok.

Rather the ‘one thing about me’ trend. was about the user who shared his written stories along with a song by Ed Sheeran. But now the trend has gotten even more exciting as they share the videos via Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl”.

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Makers bring in creativity

TikTok's One Thing About Me trend |  Groove in the melodies of TikTok

Creators of the video come up with more fun content where she shared that when she was a kid of about 10 years old, a friend of hers glued her ass and cheeks together. She added a song and made her story captivating.

People even share their weird stories on TikTok to share their habits and express their secrets with motivational songs. Such incredible ways of expressing the story have captured the attention of many on the platform.

Many creators share hilarious childhood incidents that still make them laugh. Such stories, when it comes to songs, make your mood happy. And you also enjoy the stories along with those songs.

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Shut down

I hope you liked TikTok’s One Thing About Me Trend article and that it was helpful to you. There are exciting ways to display your stories on TikTok. I’m sure you’ll also discover many exciting and unique ways to share your story. You can also include dance moves in these videos and make them more attractive. After reading the article, let me know your feedback in the comment below.

Frequently asked question

What’s tIkTok’s One Thing About Me trend?

TikTok’s One Thing About Me trend is about the creators sharing their childhood stories through songs and videos.

What are the songs in the “One Thing About Me” videos?

The songs on the platform are mostly “Super Freaky Girl” by Ed Sheeren and Nicki Minaj.

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