Truth Social blocked from Google Play Store

The most enticing news on the internet today is: Truth Social blocked in Google Play Store. The news has been spreading since August 19, when Google released a statement. The statement was a major blow to the company as it launched in February 2022. This ensures that the app goes live at a later date.

Below are all the relevant details for this news and what are the steps Truth Social has taken to cover up the damage done. It is interesting to note that the details and story behind the app are not going live to the users right now.

Why Truth Social blocked from Google Play Store

Truth Social blocked from Google Play Store

According to trusted reports, Truth Social, owned by former US President Donald Trump, has been blocked from the Google Play Store. According to Google, there was insufficient content moderation on the platform, as a result of which the app has not been approved by Google Play Store. The app was launched on Google on February 21, 2022. Since 40% of American smartphones are Android, the only option to download Truth Social is the app store of Google and Apple.

In a statement from Google on Aug. 19, they informed Truth Social that they violated the default policies of the Google app store and therefore cannot go live. Truth Social replied to Google and assured them they were working on the issues. Google has told them not to upload content about physical threats and violence.

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What are the? Measures taken by Truth Social

Measure taken by social truth

Truth Social’s parent company, Trump Media and Technology Group, released a statement that they are continuously working to enforce Google Play’s default policies. They keep their promise to the users to provide a platform for the freedom of expression.

Trump Media has even objected to the fact that other apps in Google Play are breaking the laws by sharing sexual content, while Truth Social has no tolerance whatsoever for sexual content.

Truth Social has also helped to restore Trump on social media as he was banned from platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. It was the result of accusations against him of inciting violence via social media.

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Shut down

The above news may come as a shock to you. I am sure that you will soon be able to use the app on your Android and iOS mobile and express your opinion through them. You can subscribe to our website, Path of EX, to receive similar news on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Truth Social blocked in the Google Play Store?

Truth Social is being blocked from the Google Play Store for violating Google’s default policies through content moderation.

Is there a statement from Truth Social regarding the Google Play Store block?

Truth Social assured Google that they would work on the issue and bring it within Google Play Store standards.

Who Owns the Google Play Store?

Trump Media and Technology group is the parent company of Truth Social.

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