Try Instagram account hacking apps to see someone’s profile secretly!

In some cases, we may want to hack someone’s profile on Instagram for various reasons. But one question remains: “is hacking so hard to do?” Rest assured, you can hack someone’s Instagram using several recommended methods below.

Skills to Hack an Instagram Account

Before explaining much further about: how to hack someone’s instagram, you should know that people are trying to protect their loved ones with this. In this modern age, people are always online. Social media platforms have become their favorite places, including Instagram, of course. With millions of active users per month, it’s easy to get lost somewhere. That’s why you need to provide them with adequate protection from online predators.

To hack into an Instagram account, you just need a few basics about smartphone usage along with some principles of the social media platform itself.

Solutions to Hack Instagram

One can easily find some Instagram hacking methods on the internet. But we are going to introduce you in a much simpler yet effective way. So, how do you hack someone’s Instagram on a phone?

eyeZy . to install

You can choose many things, but eyeZy could be your best choice with all its features including:

  • Identify all messages on Instagram: You can see all sent and received chats, along with their username.
  • View Shared Media: You can see what kind of content in the form of images, videos or links in the conversations.
  • Check the device location: You can detect the phone by using the GPS tracker and adding configured zones.
How to hack someone's Instagram without them knowing

Reset their password

In addition to using the apps, you can also choose another method. Remember that this technique requires you to have physical access to the phone, which is quite risky. So, how do you get onto someone’s Instagram without a password? Change it!

You can achieve this goal by performing a password reset. Here are the simple steps to do on the phone:

  1. Open the Instagram app on the phone;
  2. Enter username or email address, or simply select the associated account;
  3. Press “forgot password” and to complete the verification you will be able to access a person’s email or SMS;
  4. Enter the code from SMS and confirm;
  5. You will be given access to reset the password;
  6. Enter the new password and confirm it;
  7. On the login page, enter the username with the newly created password;
  8. Now you can see the account!
How to hack someone's Instagram without them knowing

Am I safe using spy apps?

eyeZy works by keeping you updated on your loved ones’ activities on their phones, including social media. This could be a new way for you to avoid malicious acts that could potentially harm them.

Providing high value and complete security, the app has received many good reviews from millions of users around the world. It has 36 features to use and is already supported in 180 countries.

If you compare it with the other Instagram account hacking apps, eyeZy stands out by offering more reliable features including Stealth Mode, Screen Recorder and Keylogger. As icing on the cake, eyeZy is also easy to use.


With the more advanced and fast moving technology, everyone must be aware of their surroundings and must be able to detect possible harmful acts that can affect their life both virtually and in reality. By using eyeZy, you can achieve this goal in a more efficient way without breaking the bond of trust.

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