Want to see deleted Reddit posts? Try These 4 Easy Methods

If you want to know how to see deleted Reddit posts, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll also explain in the simplest possible language the terms related to Reddit deleted or deleted posts that seem too technical if you’re new to the platform.

The anonymous web discussions on various topics and interests take place on Reddit. Users can say anything they want on Reddit because of the privacy it offers, which isn’t necessarily a positive thing. The platform has the downside that if a Reddit user, admin, or moderator deletes a post or comment, it will be deleted permanently. This can lead to you losing important knowledge, a delicious dish or a funny meme.

Fortunately, it is occasionally possible to recover and read deleted Reddit messages. How? Read this easy step-by-step guide on how to see deleted Reddit posts.

How to see deleted Reddit posts?

Reddit is the 9th most popular social networking platform in the United States, with 52 million daily active users. While the platform does not limit your views and thoughts, it also has some guidelines and rules.

Using bots or human moderators will remove posts and comments that violate subreddit rules. Users on Reddit can also delete their own posts and comments. But do those deleted posts and comments really disappear forever? What if you want to read a deleted Reddit post or comment out of curiosity? With the use of specific websites and plugins, which I cover in this article, you can. Let’s explore the different methods to view deleted Reddit posts.

There are four famous ways or tools – websites – to view deleted Reddit posts and comments: Reveddit, Unddit, Resavr, and Wayback Machine. Hold on, I’ll explain them one by one.

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1. Reveddit

Reveddit is the most powerful and trusted tool or feature – whatever you call it – for revealing deleted stuff on Reddit. On this website, you can view deleted posts by searching for their username, subreddit, domain, or link. Here’s how to see deleted Reddit posts using the Reviddit feature.

How to see deleted Reddit posts

Step 1: Open the Reviddit website.

Step 2: Enter a Reddit username, subreddit, or post title in the search box on the main page below the About title. Now press the To go knob. You can also hit Random at the bottom to view the deleted messages of random people and users.

Step 3: Rebedit shows you all deleted comments and posts that are relevant to your search. You can click to view the deleted stuff in full screen or move forward in the search list.

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2. Undo

Reddit posts and comments are automatically stored in the Pushshift.io database, which is used by the Unddit program. When Removeddit and Ceddit stopped working, a third party utility called Unddit was created to take their place. While it works great for some, many deleted comments don’t show up when the Pushshift.io database is slow as it doesn’t seem to work on articles.

Let’s explore more and know how to see deleted Reddit posts using the Unddit tool. Follow these steps to run Unddit:

Step 1: Visit the official Unddit website.

Step 2: You must bookmark Unditt to use it. Once you launch the site, bookmark it.

How to see deleted Reddit posts

Step 3: Then select the saved bookmark and navigate to the Reddit page where you want to retrieve the deleted comment.

Step 4: If you’re lucky and Pushshift.io isn’t overloaded, any deleted comments related to that Reddit post will be visible on Unddit.

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3. ReSavr

While ReSavr isn’t as robust as the other tools on our list, you can view deleted Reddit comments, even the long ones. It only helps you view the deleted comments. But as you know, some of the comments on Reddit are better than the post itself. And you can also check out those comments, which are long and over 650 words. Here’s how to use Resavr to view deleted Reddit comments:

Want to see deleted Reddit posts?  Try These 4 Easy Methods

Step 1: Visit the official ReSavr website.

Step 2: Tap on Most recent comments. That is it!

ReSavr is the most simple and time-saving tool to view deleted comments on Reddit. With just two steps you have the power in your hands.

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4. Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is a reliable source that you can use to investigate deleted Reddit comments and posts. It is a non-profit website that keeps old screenshots of websites taken at certain times. You can use this to view editions of a specific site from a certain time. Here’s how to view deleted Reddit posts using the Wayback Machine website.

Step 1: Launch the Wayback Machine webpage.

Step 2: Enter the search term after pasting the URL of the Reddit post or subreddit into the search bar.

Step 3: Touch Enter or Yield on your Windows or Mac, respectively.

Step 4: How often and when the web page was saved is displayed on the results page. If you discover deleted information, make sure to pick earlier dates. You can select the date — year, month, and day — when you want to view Reddit’s archived content.

How to see deleted Reddit posts

Step 5: It will direct you to the saved version of the message you are looking for. If it’s that one. Tap it and get started. That’s all.

That’s all about how to see deleted Reddit posts using all the options available in the market.

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Shut down

I hope I have now learned how to see deleted Reddit posts. There were more tools like Removeddit, Ceddit, et cetera in the past. There were also some web browser extensions to view the deleted Reddit stuff. However, they are all gone and we only have the four options I mentioned above. Let me know if you have access to an unknown tool that works better.

That’s all for the day. Keep browsing Path of EX for more articles and updates.

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