What are all the Facebook badges?

Facebook is a social media platform that paved the way for others to follow. But still, now it has never ceased to amaze you with its improved and enhanced features. You may see badges on Facebook. So, do you want to know? What are all the Facebook badges?? If so, read our article now to learn more. They are interesting to know and feel great to achieve.

You will find the badges next to an icon for the user’s username. It helps to identify who that person is or their participation in a group, page or channel. Facebook even continues to assign badges to their top fans, admins and other important people.

You may have come across a badge that you don’t recognize, or you don’t understand what they mean. Therefore, we have covered you through this article and provided you with all the required information. Read on for more information.

What are all the Facebook badges?

What are all the Facebook badges?

Facebook badges are used in Facebook groups and pages to identify certain members. You may have come across them in the Top Fan badge once, but there are more in the shop to discover. Your badges may vary depending on whether you are managing a group or a page.

Here’s a list of all the badges available to groups on Facebook in 2022:

1. Administrators – This badge helps you to know the group members and who is in charge of the group.

2. Moderator – A moderator is a person who comes with some power, such as deleting comments. But this person can never make changes to the existing group.

3. Group expert – This badge is given to groups that are in a certain niche and are experts in certain fields. You will not find this badge in every group.

4. founding member – A founder badge is for someone who created a group.

What are some of the Facebook badges?

5. New member – The New Member badge is displayed to notify the users of the new person in the group and their normal comments.

6. Rising star – New members who contribute heavily to the group and earn the Rising Star badge.

7. conversation starter – When you are the only person in the group who starts a conversation with other members of the meaningful group, you earn the conversation starter badge.

8. Visual Storyteller – When you contribute photos and videos to the group, you get a badge identical to the Conversation Starter.

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How do you recognize badges on Facebook?

How do you recognize badges on Facebook?

You might be surprised to learn that Facebook offers many badges that you can use to easily identify a user role in a group. Facebook pages and badges are very different from Facebook groups. But do you know how to identify the badges? Don’t worry if you don’t. Please refer to the points below.

1. top fan – You often see the page or communicate by liking and commenting.

2. esteemed commentator – People who comment often but interact little will get the Top Fan badge.

3. Anniversary follower – If you follow for a page, you will get the anniversary badge.

4. Milestone follower – After achieving a goal set by the Page admins, you will receive this badge.

5. Follower – When you follow a certain page and no longer remain a casual visitor. So you get the Follower badge.

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The badges are like awards given to the users on the platform for certain achievements. So if you belong to certain privileges, you get these badges. So hurry up and work to reach them from Facebook. I’m sure you’ll get some clarity on the badges once you’ve read this one What are all the Facebook badges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the Facebook badges?

Facebook badges are used in Facebook groups and pages to identify certain members. Some are group admin, moderator, group expert and more.

What are ways to identify the badges on Facebook?

To identify the badges on Facebook, you need to look for top fan badges or valuable commentator badges provided by the platform to achieve certain skills.

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