What do the symbols and icons mean on Instagram (updated in 2022)

Gone are the days when only words had meaning. In the new era, icons and symbols also have the meaning. Fortunately, Instagram’s user interface supports symbols and icons. As an active member of Instagram, a user must know the meaning of every symbol and icon of the platform. In this article I tell you, What do the symbols and icons mean on Instagram.

It should be noted that the actual position of the symbol and icons on Instagram may vary from device to device. With each update of Instagram, the position of symbols changes. So, without further ado, let’s delve into what the symbols and icons on Instagram mean.

What do the symbols and icons on Instagram mean?

The symbols and icons of Instagram have different meanings on the Instagram post, stories, reels and, bio. Let’s see, what do the symbols and icons on Instagram mean. To do this, follow the list below:

1. Instagram Post Symbols Meaning

What do the symbols and icons on Instagram mean?

Heart symbol: The meaning of the heart symbol is a like button. Double tapping the heart symbol on a post means you’re showing the overall likes of the post.

Chat Bubble: The meaning of a chat bubble on an Instagram post is comments. You can tap it to reply to the post and you can also view other replies to the same post.

Paper airplane icon: Paper Plane Icon on an Instagram post is a send button. Tapping the icon will show you who to send this message to or upload as a story.

Bookmark: Bookmark is an option that allows you to save the message for you to visit later. Bookmarking a post means you’ve saved the post. You can check it out by going to your Instagram profile screen and tapping the three-bar icon at the top. Choose Saved from the menu.

Person icon: Person icon means someone is tagged in the post. Tapping the person icon on the post will show the person tagged in the post.

Three-point: The three dots on the side of the post provide various options such as sharing outside of Instagram, turning on post notifications, etc.

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2. Instagram Home Screen Symbols Meaning

What do the symbols and icons mean on Instagram

Add (+): The + icon on your Instagram home screen allows you to create a new story, post, live or roll.

Messenger: Messenger icon at the top right corner of your Instagram home screen refers to Instagram direct messenger. It’s your private inbox on Instagram.

Search icon: The search icon is at the bottom of the screen and is a magnifying glass icon. Tapping on the search icon will take you to your Explore feed. You can discover new content on your Explore feed page.

Roll: The Roles tab ends up in the roles feed. You can swipe up and down to discover new and trending reels.

Heart: Heart symbol at the bottom of the screen will bring you to your Instagram notifications and you can check your Instagram notifications in this section.

Profile picture: Profile picture at the bottom of the screen is your way to get to your profile. If you have multiple accounts, you can also long press to switch between your accounts.

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3. Instagram Profile Page Icons Meaning

Profile tabs: There are many symbols on your profile tab that lead you to different tabs, including posts, roles, IGTV, and tagged posts.

Arrow icon next to username: Arrow icon Next to the username at the top of the screen, indicate your multiple accounts.

Bell icon: You’ll find Bell Icon if you’re on someone else’s profile. Tapping it will enable notifications.

Arrow icon next to the following: Arrow icon next to follow gives you other options like mute, restrict, unfollow or even if you want to add a person to your close friends list.

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4. Instagram Story Symbols Meaning

Paper plane: The Paper Plane icon on the other person’s story is a submit button, if you tap it you can share it with another user’s on the platform.

Send a message: Send a message at the bottom of the screen is an option to respond to the story. When you tap it, you’ll see quick emoji responses that you can send to the story creator.

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5. Instagram Reels Symbols Meaning

Heart: Heart symbol on the Roll option has the same meaning. Tapping on it means you liked the Reel.

Chat Bubble: Chat Bubble on Reels means you can respond to it.

Paper plane: Paper Plane icon on Reels acts as a send button and once you tap it you can send it to anyone on the platform.

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Instagram is known for its ever-changing trends and updates. Instagram’s user interface supports symbols and icons. Know, What do the symbols and icons mean on Instagram, read the whole article and share it with your friends. For more trending stuff, keep visiting Path of EX.

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