What does MB mean on Snapchat

Your friend just said, “I should have been there, but I couldn’t be there, MB† Don’t know how to answer because you have no idea what MB means? Cool! I’ve been in that situation with “SFS,” so I don’t want you ever to feel that shame. Here’s everything to know about what does MB mean on Snapchat.

Snapchat has got us all hooked with excellent features and lenses. They even recently launched a try-on Dress Up filter. We’re good at following snaps, but we’re losing track of internet jargon here. I congratulated my best friend, saying WCW without knowing what that crazy means!

No judgments here. Scroll down to dive deep into the world of Internet language. Here’s everything you need to know about what MB means on Snapchat.

What does MB mean on Snapchat?

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Internet is weird. You don’t know when you’re leaving new trends behind; the same goes for internet language. If you can’t remember LMAO or LOL, you’re done! Recently there was a viral TikTok where the late Gen-Z millennials de “Older generation TikTok.” I know it’s not cool! But if you’re not going to update your internet language, here’s what happens!

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MB is short for “My Bad,” which is used in social media text messages while admitting a mistake. It’s like the “Shoot” we used when we said something stupid. The problem with internet slang is that you can’t generalize it, yet some have made it into Oxford English Dictionary like ICYMI (in case you missed it). MB also means: ‘Maybe’ and “Megabytes.”

How to use MB on Snapchat?

MB is not a term we choose to use like LOL or BTW. It happens occasionally. Suppose you thought you were checking for someone who asks“Have you seen our friend Vienna?” and your stupid autocorrect tool seasoned it like “Have you seen our friend, Vagina?” I’m sorry I didn’t get another good one to explain this. In this situation all you need to say is: “Oh, I’m sorry, it’s the autocorrect MB” – This is how you use MB on Snapchat.

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Suppose you made an assumption about someone, and it turned out to be wrong; You don’t want to be that gossip girl, do you? Dm them as soon as possible and say “I didn’t really know about it, but I shut up about it, MB”

What does MB mean on the web?

Now you know what MB means on Snapchat. Let’s see what MB generally means on the web. MB is widely used to refer to the uncertainty of an occasion, namely ‘May Be’. If someone asks you to be somewhere, you can respond as: “I have other plans, so I’m not going to make it, MB.”

If you search the web what MB is, it will show up as ‘MegaBytes’. It is the storage capacity of a system such as your computer, tab or mobile. When we share movies, we say it’s like, “The movie is 300MB or 900MB.”

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Shut down

Even dictionaries have a hard time catching up on internet language. As I always assume, if you’re in a hurry and forget to finish a sentence, it becomes internet language, Duh! However, this article was all about what MB means on Snapchat, and I’ve included other standard abbreviations as well. Share this with your friends if you find this helpful.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MB on Snapchat?

In internet language it means: ‘Maybe’ or ‘My mistake.’

2. How many MB can you send via Snapchat?

You are allowed to send 2.5 MB via Snapchat.

3. How Much Data Does Snapchat Use

Snap never released an official statement, but the internet assumed it was 1MB per Snap with no filters and effects.

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