What does ND mean on Snapchat in 2022

It’s a new day, with yet another Snapchat slang. Everyone wonders, what does ND mean on Snapchat? Although many users have agreed on the meaning of this new jargon. But if you are still confused about the meaning of the latest abbreviation, here is your answer.

Snapchat is popular among Gen-Z for its fast and sneaky features. The app allows you to see your friend’s location with Snapmaps. Now with Snapchat Plus you also get more features. Snapchat Plus has upgrades to the features available on the standard version of Snapchat. Ghost Trails is one such feature. Ghost Trails lets you see all the places your friend has been in the last 24 hours.

Now back to the latest jargon that has everyone confused. let me explain to you what does ND mean on Snapchat.

What does ND mean on Snapchat?

What does ND mean on Snapchat

ND on Snapchat is used as a short form for ‘And.’ That is it! Now you don’t have to scratch your head about what your friend meant when they texted you ND on Snapchat. Snapchat slang is sometimes over exaggerated, isn’t it? You can just use slang as a substitute for ‘And’.

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Common Meanings of ND

What does ND mean on Snapchat

While ND is used as an abbreviation for And. ND can see also Undoubtedly. Now this depends entirely on the context of the conversation. Another meaning of the word ND also means almost ready. This can be used when you want to keep your colleague informed about a project. Or you can also use this to inform your classmate about the completion of your courses.

ND in legal terminology also means no drinking or no drugs. ND, when used in reference to the military, means negligent discharge. Negligent discharge means accidental firing with a weapon as a person in charge of weapons is expected to have a good command of the weapon.

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Shut down

So now you know what does ND mean on Snapchat. On Snapchat, ND is usually used as an abbreviation for ‘And’. The slang has different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. In legal terminology, it has a different connotation. So it becomes necessary to keep an eye on the context of the jargon used. We’ll keep you up to date with the latest trending things on social media. Keep checking in with Path Of Ex.

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