What does WCW mean on Snapchat

Trending hashtags and acronyms are cool to post on social media, but do you know what everything actually means? Do you post photos with #WCW on Wednesdays or do you often use WCW in your Snapchat DMs without knowing what it actually means? End the drama. Here’s everything you need to know about what does WCW mean on Snapchat.

You will be surprised by the list of internet language that made it all the way into the Oxford dictionary. They say English is a universal language; there is internet language that contains abusive grammar. It doesn’t look logical, does it? Nothing makes sense when you’re online. Stay on top of the jargon, or you’re going to regret it. See what WCW means on Snapchat and how you can use it.

What does WCW mean on Snapchat?

While scrolling through social media, including Snapchat, you may see the hashtag #WCW or photos that say ‘Today WCW’ on a particular day. you know about ‘LOL’ and ‘BRB,’ Turn right? WCW is another meaning of internet slang “Woman Crush Wednesday.” But why Wednesday? Nobody knows. It’s the Internet – No questions here, just jump on the trend!

Woman Crush Wednesday: What WCW Means on Snapchat

How to use WCW on Snapchat?

The WCW trend started a while ago, and I hope it continues here for a while because you have Wednesdays every week and we need an excuse to post pictures of the people we admire. If you ask me how this jargon came to be, I’d say people tend to get it all and leave the caption in a hurry. Before you know it, hashtags will be trending!

Snapchat has basically been the center of invention for all things trending on the web. There are many hidden features and tricks on Snapchat that you would never expect to exist. Snapchat has its own language on the web. Let’s see what WCW has on Snapchat. You can use WCW to rate the woman you admire on Wednesdays.

Here’s how to use WCW on Snapchat in different ways:

1. Appreciate your better half or girlfriend

  • Girl… you crush #WCW
  • My evergreen WCW, happy with you!
  • My wife has been my WCW for the past 5 years; Nobody beats her!

2. Post a picture of your lover or a celebrity

  • Gal Gadot is a goddess! WCW for life.
  • WCW today, Cher. She is a bottle of wine better with age.
  • Oh my God, Blake Lively patinated at the Met Gala; this WCW never disappoints!

3. Congratulate your best friends and bosses on Wednesday

  • Well deserved recognition for NYC’s new WCW!
  • You are a boss lady; keep it up my WCW!
  • Tina has been promoted! My WCW for this week!

4. Hype yourself with WCW

  • It’s been a long time since I forgot to get myself excited. Let me be my own WCW this week!
  • You know your worth, be your WCW!
  • It’s ME time… this week’s WCW!

What WCW Means on Snapchat Direct Message?

Snapchat logo ;  what WCW means on Snapchat

Snapchat offers a ton of snaps and short videos on #WCW every week. Looking for ways to use WCW on your Snapchat DMs? Here is a guide to using WCW while texting,

  • Happy WCW to my friend!
  • Incredible glow up girl you are my WCW
  • Daddy’s Lil Girl All The Way To Graduation, WCW Of My Whole Life!
  • I’ve never been so proud of you, ma’am; you are my WCW of all weeks.
  • Pack your bags, girls. This one picked up this week’s WCW!

How to Respond to WCW?

It is a compliment; say thank you. Too shy to make up a fancy phrase? Here are some ideas for you,

  • Aww… Thank you so much!
  • Stop… I blush.
  • OMG… You’re my WCW too.
  • Yes.. Girl hype Girls Week!
  • Oh, come on… I know!
  • We’re all WCW all week, girls!

Shut down

Every day there is a new trend on the internet. WCW has seen it all. It’s been around here for quite some time. WCW means woman crush Wednesday on Snapchat. You now know what WCW means on Snapchat. Hype your girl or praise your boss with WCW. Add this to your Gen-Z slang list and don’t fall behind. We have many more like this; check it out on Path Of Ex and share this article with all your WCWs.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does FFF mean on Snapchat?

FFF means ‘Follow before follow’. It is an outdated method of increasing the number of followers. Practicing this now could put you on a spam list.

2. What does IFK mean?

IFK means ‘IF**king knew.’ It indicates that you knew something before someone told you.

3. What are LMAO and LML on Snapchat?

LMAO is so popular and some people consider it offensive content. It means ‘Laughing My A** Off’ and LML is ‘Love of My Life’.

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