What is Ambient Mode on YouTube, Its Uses and More (2022)

YouTube is a platform that has surprised all its users in 2022 after a long time. They have rolled out some new features on the platform. Most of the features are greatly appreciated by the users. The latest feature introduced on the platform is: Ambient mode on YouTube. This feature is said to improve the user experience on the platform. Though according to YouTube, the feature was introduced to test its popularity and usage among its users.

Many users used the latest feature. Another app that has been introduced is the photo-to-photo feature, which allows users to minimize and enjoy the video while using other apps on the device. So read on and learn more about the apps and their features below.

Here you will understand what Ambient Mode is on YouTube, how to enable it and more.

What is Ambient Mode on YouTube?

What is Ambient Mode on YouTube?

The Ambient mode on YouTube helps to turn on the background color of the app in real time to adjust the video you are watching with a subtle effect. You would find similar effects in your gadgets with innovative lighting solutions that change their background color depending on what is on the screen.

According to YouTube, they wanted to recreate the effect while drawing viewers to the content and giving the video more attention on the watch page. You get the Ambient Moden when the dark mode option is enabled in the YouTube app.

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How to enable Ambient mode on YouTube?

How to enable Ambient Mode on YouTube?

As you know, the ambient mode only works on dark themes, so refer to the steps below to enable it.

1. Select your profile picture.

2. Click Appearances.

3. Click on the Dark theme.

4. Turn on the Dark theme optionand Ambient Mode appears automatically.

Refer to the steps below to disable Ambient Mode:

1. Click on Settings.

2. Click on the Ambient mode.

3. Switch to turn off the feature for all videos.

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How to do Users comment on the Ambient mode on YouTube?

How do users react to Ambient mode on YouTube?

There are mixed reviews for Ambient Mode on YouTube. Some users found it useful, while others think the feature doesn’t affect their viewing experience. Users have even posted on social media that Ambient mode is “distracting” because it makes the user interface difficult to read.

Users shared that they found the new feature uninteresting and even useless for the platform. That’s why they don’t like the feature on YouTube at all.

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The article provided an in-depth look at the new feature added to YouTube. I hope through this article; you have received clarity on how to use the function. So check out our website, Path of EX, for more information. Until then, enjoy YouTube for video tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ambient Mode on YouTube?

The Ambient mode on YouTube helps to turn on the background color of the app in real time to adjust the video you are watching with a subtle effect.

Can I enable Ambient Mode on YouTube with a dark theme?

Yes, the ambient mode works on dark themes. You have to select the profile picture and click on the appearances. Then click on the dark theme and the ambient mode will appear automatically.

Do YouTubers like Ambient Mode?

There is mixed reaction to the ambient mode on YouTube. Some YouTubers liked the feature, but some find the feature useless and distracting.

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