What is the Jeffrey Dahmer ‘Polaroid Challenge’ on TikTok

Jeffrey Dahmer is currently an internet celebrity, but for all the wrong reasons. He is a serial killer in the 90s. He was one of the most notorious criminals. A Netflix series called Dahmer was also made about his life and criminal history. He would take Polaroid photos of his victims, which the police took from the drawer in his bedroom in 1991.

TikTokers took the Polaroid photos and posted their response to it. And along with that, the trend got its name as: What is the Jeffrey Dahmer ‘Polaroid challenge’ on TikTok? Users have adopted the horrific trend on TikTok to share their reactions to the photos taken with others.

If you are not aware of the news, read my article below. You will get all the necessary information about the trend and the news. I know the trend is kind of weird, but some users find solace in sharing Polaroid photos on TikTok, and some haters share their reactions. Read on to know more.

What is the Jeffrey Dahmer ‘Polaroid challenge’ on TikTok?

What is the Jeffrey Dahmer 'Polaroid challenge' on TikTok?

TikTok users are taking the macabre incident on TikTok, posting videos and photos of the victims. Users also post their reactions to those photos on the platform. Users also noted that TikTok has removed disturbing images from their platform to prioritize the comfort of their users.

Another user said in his videos that the Polaroid was quite intense and could not go viral on the platform. This video has been viewed a million times on the platform.

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Discussions about Jeffrey Dahmer on Twitter

What is the Jeffrey Dahmer 'Polaroid challenge' on TikTok |  Know the trend RN!

Some users took to Twitter about the issue, noting that TikTok users should feel sick about sharing those graphics on the platform. They have to stop to let the photos go viral. Some users even noted on Twitter that the photos of the victims whose photos are going viral are real people, not a fictional character from Netflix.

After the photos went viral and outrage erupted from some users on the platform, TikTok decided to remove images from the platform. But the images being removed are too graphic.

The comments on the posts are doing very well for views, so it’s easy to see content creators taking advantage of the trend, despite the topic.

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Shut down

Despite being a trending platform, TikTok sometimes makes the news for the wrong reasons. This time the trend is What is the Jeffrey Dahmer ‘Polaroid challenge’ on TikTok. After reading our article, I hope you are clear about the news.

You may find the news disturbing, but TikTok is taking all necessary measures so that users do not feel uncomfortable on their platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jeffrey Dahmer ‘Polaroid challenge’ on TikTok?

This is about the trend on TikTok where users share Polaroid photos of the victims of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Did TikTok take action against the users who posted the photos?

Yes, TikTok removed the photos, which contained images that were too graphic and had disturbing content to make the other users uncomfortable.

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