What is the new Instagram update today (July 2022)

Social media platforms are always full of surprises as they add new features to their platform almost daily. These updates would increase user engagement with the platform. TikTok is the leader in such cases as they have been able to keep their users excited with the new updates on their platform. Instagram update today has also introduced new features on their platform.

Although the users are almost divided by the new introduction of Meta. Some believe it would increase user engagement, and some believe it could damage their reputation on social media. Anyway, people are enjoying the new feature. Gen Z, who spends a lot of time on trending platforms like TikTok, would have no trouble adapting to the new change introduced on the platform.

I will not keep your mystery and would like to introduce the new feature of Instagram through our article below. There you will find all the necessary details.

What’s in today’s Instagram update?

What is the new Instagram update today (July 2022)

Instagram has recently updated its platform and brought many new features. Its features are incredible and people are surprised and happy with it. Meta, the co-owner of Instagram, has announced that all video uploads will now be rolled virtually on reels. This would happen even if the user wants it or not. They also announced that the reels will be getting a lot of new creative features that would double or even triple the short video size.

New version of Instagram videos

What is the new Instagram update today (July 2022)

According to a statement from Meta, all videos would be reels shorter than 15 minutes. But the videos posted before the announcement would remain the same. So from now on you will find all your videos in the reel stream.

Due to the popularity of the reels on other social media platforms, it has gained a lot of appeal from the users. Reels are more popular and trending on platforms like TikTok. So I think it’s a good idea to convert all videos under 15 minutes to reels.

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Comments from Instagram users

Some people think this decision may not go well for the most popular photo-sharing platform. Users feel that a lot of people are watching reels, and more content would attract more engagement. And it would also bring more views on the reels. Some even believe that this move would make Instagram more popular and unique for its users.

This move could lead to a new trend in Instagram content for the creators and more engagement for the platform.

New options on Instagram Update today

What is the new Instagram update today (July 2022)

The new options introduced on Instagram are the remix options that would be clubbed to death with the reels.

1. Remix for photos

Instagram is the main photo sharing platform; that’s why photos are the main ingredient of this platform. So options like a public photo remix will be available in the coming weeks. This gives you endless possibilities for creating stories on this platform.

2. Remix Layouts

From now on you can choose between green screen, vertical or horizontal screen, split screen or picture-in-picture reaction view in the video commentary in the existing reels.

3. Add Clip

You can add a clip after the video as a sequel instead of having the remix play at the same time as the original roll.

Instagram extends access to Reels Templates option. You can enable it for the existing reel layouts as templates for your clips. It also adds a new Dual camera mode where you can capture content and reactions at the same time by using the front and back cameras of the phone at the same time.

Meta is therefore more focused on the next phase, the metaverse. It needs to get its leading apps until it can transition users to the next important stage.

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Shut down

People who are in tune with the reel trends on TikTok would feel more comfortable using Instagram’s new feature. I believe today’s Instagram update duplicates TikTok’s creative tools and introduces replicant features to its users. It states that Instagram may lack originality in introducing unique features to its platform.

If the new changes on Instagram become famous, I think people would not even pay attention to such problems. Whatever it is, you and I should use the introduced features even if we like them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Today’s New Instagram Update?

Today’s Instagram update is about introducing the new format for Instagram video reels.

What happens to the videos uploaded on Instagram?

According to the new feature on Instagram, the new videos uploaded on Instagram will be converted to reels automatically.

I uploaded videos on Instagram a long time ago. Will they be turned into roles?

Any videos uploaded before Instagram released the statement will not be converted to reels.

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