What’s TikTok’s ‘Siren Lips’ Trend? [Updated 2022]

Pout, friends! Because we have the perfect trend for you. The ‘Siren Lips’ trend is a new trend on TikTok that is massively influencing the beauty space as a whole. It took inspiration from the Siren eyes trend and took it further to the other beautiful feature of the face, the lips. So, here I will tell you What’s TikTok’s ‘Siren Lips’ Trend?.

Where the Sleepy Chicken TikTok trend has been taking the road lately with its extreme popularity, here’s a new Siren Lips to hit the air. Read on to find out what TikTok’s ‘Siren lips’ trend is and how it works on the platform.

What’s TikTok’s ‘Siren Lips’ Trend?

What's TikTok's 'Siren Lips' Trend? [Updated 2022]

Cutting TikTok’s makeup niche. The ‘Siren Lips’ trend is here to define and accentuate a face for a more dramatic look. It considers surprisingly unusual and smart makeup.

Since the TikTok user is starting the trend, he/she often uses a lip liner to give a plum effect to the lips and lift them further for a sexy and pouty look.

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How does the ‘Siren Lips’ trend work on TikTok?

What's TikTok's 'Siren Lips' Trend? [Updated 2022]

To do the ‘Siren Lips’ trend, the TikTok user has to apply a lip liner on the lips to create a sultry grin. However, it takes a total of two lip liners to make the trend successful.

The first is the dark liner and another is the nude liner. First use the nude lip liner to line your lips as usual, then take the darker one to line them from the cupid’s bow.

Extend the lip liner from the sides and you are good to go.

You can also apply a clear glass to make it more flashy or just a nude Lipper to make it subtle, however you like.

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Check out TikTok’s ‘Siren Lips’ trend

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This was all about what TikTok’s ‘Siren Lips’ trend is. Fill your lips with a beautiful lip liner and watch you go viral in a few decades. The #sirenlips deserve a chance!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Siren Lips Trend on TikTok?

Siren Lips trend is a lip liner trend on TikTok that brings out the trend maker’s pouty, sexy look.

2. How many views can the Siren Lips trend bring on TikTok?

So far, this trend has already had 9.75 million views.

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