Where to Find Free Instagram Reel Templates

Instagram reels are the best attraction of the app. People throng the app to watch the incredible reels. The platform has also improved the features of the roles in the recent version. Therefore, you should also update your IG app. Most of the users can’t find the template function and search the internet, Where to find free Instagram Reel templates.

So, after getting so many questions, I designed an updated article on how to search for the template. I am sure the below process would help you to get what you need. I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below. Until then happy Instagramming!

Where can you find free Instagram Reel templates?

Where to Find Free Instagram Reel Templates

You can create a template in advance, find the old music and timing earlier, and replace the videos and photos used before. Instagram rolls with music and three clips can be used to create a template. You can synchronize the timing and music of the reel using a template. Then you can use your own photos and videos and not worry about adjusting the clip manually.

Previously, you had to adjust the video and reel outside of Instagram and check if they have the same timing with the music. Now an Instagram template makes things much easier. The process is streamlined with the photo and video holder and the preloaded audio.

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Steps to Create Free Instagram Reel Templates

Steps to Create a Free Instagram Roll Template

Always make sure you have the latest version of Instagram as it is a new feature and you may not be able to use the feature without the latest version. Not all roles have the same option. It is mandatory to have three clips and one music to use the template. Let’s see where we can find free Instagram reel templates.

1. Launch Instagram on your device.

2. Click on the reel icon.

3. Select the camera icon.

4. Go to Templates.

open ig - go to reel - then open templates

5. View the available templates and click on “use template“.

6. At the bottom you will find placeholders along with the duration of each clip.

7. Click each placeholder and add a photo or video.

8. After finishing click The next.

9. You can preview the reel.

Note: You can see and edit the cover by clicking “edit cover”.

10. Click on the part button and your reel will be shared on Instagram feed.

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Now you can create your own free Instagram reel template. It’s quite simple and straightforward. I am sure that if you follow the steps above, your work would become quite smooth and you can easily complete the process in a few minutes. Subscribe to Path or EX our website for more information on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find free Instagram reel templates?

You can find the free Instagram reel template if you have three clips and one music, then your Instagram reel template will appear in the app.

I also use the Instagram app, but can’t find the reel template?

You need to update the app to get the reel template option on your Instagram app.

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