Why are your TikTok videos not getting views? Here are the reasons

Being a social media influencer on TikTok is a common but big thing. It takes a lot to be creative and become an influencer, and motivate people to follow you and your life. Getting views on TikTok is another great thing. These views, in addition to your creative content, will increase the number of followers on the app. But besides all the efforts, why are your TikTok videos not being watched?

Well, just creating and uploading videos is not enough. The world of a social media influencer is huge. When you create an account on TikTok, the first few videos will determine what type of account you are as a creator and what type of audience your fanbase will create.

Now, you are a real creator, maybe a beauty blogger, an etiquette expert, a choreographer, or a young boy from college who makes stories with music in the background, dialogues as text along with your expressions, you are going to follow a huge fan . But if your TikTok videos aren’t getting views, you’ve come to the right place to find out.

Why are your TikTok videos not getting views?

Why are your TikTok videos not getting views?  Here are the reasons

There are several reasons. If your TikTok videos are not getting views. No, I am not saying that the creator is guilty; the glitch could also be at the end of the app. If it’s at the end of the app, you can send your grievances to their help center; if it is on your side, here are the reasons and the solutions.

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1. Stick to TikTok Standards

Why are your TikTok videos not getting views?  Here are the reasons

One of the main reasons for getting zero views for your TikTok videos is that you don’t follow the rules and standards. Your age, your content, the privacy policy, the community guidelines such as posting violent or abusive content, etc. Violating any of the guidelines may bring your views to Zero.

2. The Copyright Issues

If another TikTok account reports copyright issues against your account, you will end up with zero views. This happens in the case of plagiarized content or if you have included or mentioned someone in your video without their permission. The music you use must also meet TikTok standards. Like Instagram Shadowban, TikTok can also shadow future videos from your account.

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3. Targeting the audience of other countries

Why are your TikTok videos not getting views?  Here are the reasons

In order to increase the reach, influencers are now also trying to tap into a foreign audience. This is done via VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks. For example, you want to tap into an audience that is not familiar with a skin care trend in the other country like in your country. In this way, accessing VPN for a foreign audience can be a win-win situation. Provided you don’t use an insecure VPN.

4. Use multiple accounts on one device

Make sure there is only one account associated with the device you are using. While it is allowed to create more than one TikTok account, using multiple accounts on one device may indicate business use. This may motivate TikTok to lower your account priority, leaving you wondering Why are your TikTok videos not getting views?.

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5. Not Picking the Right Niche

Why are your TikTok videos not getting views?  Here are the reasons

This is crucial to being a social media influencer. You need to choose the right niche based on your creativity, capabilities and Unique Selling Preposition. The entertainment industry is the most popular category with the widest reach. Subcategories include choreography, skincare, lifestyle, pets, cooking, fashion, home decor, reviews, and jokes.

6. Don’t hold on to your niche

Once people know your niche, they will expect the same from you. Fashion and lifestyle bloggers are expected to visit places and share their shopping experiences and splurges. If they try something new, they may lose their audience. The same goes for the skin care and beauty industry. Their fans will expect them to show something related to the industry, skin care products, their ratings, etc.

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7. Make long videos

Why are your TikTok videos not getting views?  Here are the reasons

Yet another reason that might make you think why your TikTok videos aren’t getting views is choosing long videos. Though you can make a 3 minute video; a short video showing everything in a prĂ©cised will make the followers watch it over and over again. This is the best way to maximize your views organically. Don’t forget to add the entertainment factor to your TikTok videos.

Pro tip- Create compelling content and don’t buy views. Buying views can increase your chances of declining or zero views. Always focus on getting Organic Vieww. Also make sure that the TikTok account is updated and optimized.

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Why are your TikTok videos not getting views? watch the video

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When it comes to TikTok, fans, followers and views determine your success as a social media influencer. This profession has cropped up with the immense success of Social Media. So the influencers have to abide by the rules of the platform they use. If not, now you know why are your videos not being watched on TikTok.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a view on TikTok?

The moment a video is played, it is considered a view.

What’s the hype behind the views?

They boost the profile of a social media influencer and increase the fan base.

What should I do if my TikTok video is not getting views?

The easiest way is to update and optimize your profile. You can also contact TikTok support for help if you are a real influencer.

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