Why does TikTok take up so much storage space: Now know the reason

TikTok was introduced as an app in 2017 and since then it has improved itself into what we know as an app today. Scrolling through TikTok is a great way to pass your time. The worst part is that the app takes up a large portion of your memory on the mobile. That’s why users are looking for Why does TikTok take up so much storage space? on their mobile. So, keeping this in mind, I have put together an article to explain the same.

The main reason is that TikTok takes up a lot of storage space on your mobile because the app contains a lot of videos. So it needs more storage space than most apps. So. in the article below you will also find the probable solution that could help you combat this problem.

So read the article now and eliminate the extra storage space on your mobile. I am sure you will understand why TikTok takes up so much storage space.

Why does TikTok take up so much storage space?

Why does Tiktok take up so much storage space?

TikTok is a video sharing platform; as you know videos take up a lot of memory and storage space. You have been using mobile phones for several years, so you know that if you store too many photos or videos on your mobile, you will eventually run out of memory and need to clear some more space. That is why TikTok also works in the same way.

As a TikTok user, you must have uploaded photos and videos on the platform at some point. It could also be that you took photos but didn’t post the video because you changed your mind. Whenever you take a photo or create a video in the app, the video will be saved as a draft unless you post it.

You can have drafts in the app and may not be aware of it! Tours take up space. Hence, after editing an image, most of the users post it on other social media apps and forget to delete the raw version from the gallery. Therefore, the drafts are created and just waiting to be deleted from your app memory.

Many users think that they have never made a video or taken a photo, but the app still uses a huge amount of space on their mobile. While the reason is still unclear, there are several solutions to this problem that are being researched that you may want to consider.

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What takes up storage space on TikTok?

What takes up storage space on TikTok?

TikTok takes up more internal storage space than other popular social media apps. The more you use the app, the more storage your phone needs. This can eventually cause the TikTok app and phone to slow down over time. Therefore, it is advisable to clear your cache regularly and empty unnecessary data.

The data stored in your phone is unpurged data from cache, undone drafts, filters, excessive downloads, effects, virtual gifts and stickers.

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How to clear TikTok storage?

If you are an iPhone or Android user, you can clear TikTok’s storage and free up some space on the phones by following a few simple steps:

1. Remove drafts from the app

Remove all drafts from the app

You may have unwanted drafts on your phone. Follow the steps below to remove them:

1. First open the TikTok app and go to you Profile.

2. Go to the design option and click on your Profile.

3. Click ‘Select’ in the top corner.

4. Select all Concepts you want to delete.

5. Press remove to confirm.

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2. Remove downloads from the app

Downloads can include special effects, filters, or stickers that you have downloaded to the app. Downloads can take up space on your phone. Cleaning up your downloads can free up some space. You can download all your favorite filters or stickers if you need them.

Follow the steps below to remove downloads from the app:

1. Go to your Profileand then open Settings.

2. Select Privacy followed by free space.

3. You get the Cache and your downloads.

Note: TikTok will ask how much space the cache and downloads take up.

3. Clear your cache

Clear your cache

TikTok’s cache works similarly to your web browser’s cache. It stores data for smooth and easy access later but takes up space. Follow the steps below to clear your cache:

1. Open TikTok.

2. Click the with button three lines.

3. Then go to Settings and privacy.

4. Click Clear cache.

TikTok logs you out of the app when you clear the cache. You need to log in with your username and password and open the app.

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4. Delete the app and download it again

This is the best tip for many users. When you delete the app, you will lose all your drafts. It is suggested to upload the video on TikTok before uninstalling the TikTok app. Therefore, before uninstalling the app, keep the video somewhere else until you reinstall the app.

Users report that uninstalling the app frees up a lot of storage space on their phones. To uninstall the app, tap the app icon and click uninstall. You can reinstall the app from the Apple Store or Play Store.

5. Size of TikTok app

Size of Tiktok app

TikTok uses a lot of data. On average, the app consumes 70 MB of data every five minutes. This equates to approximately 840 MB in one hour. So if you want to download TikTok to your phone for the first time, make sure you have 303.1MB of free space.

You can compare the size of TikTok app with other popular social media apps. TikTok’s app size is not much bigger compared to other social media apps. But TikTok drains your phone’s memory and the storage comes down in the app.

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Shut down

TikTok’s storage space is not much, but the photos and videos you take or make on the app take up a lot of space. Therefore always try to keep the app free and delete the caches in the app. Then it wouldn’t take up much space. I hope you understand it Why does TikTok take up so much storage space?. If you need more help, visit Path of EX to learn more about TikTok.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I clear storage space on TikTok?

You can clear storage space on TikTok in four ways; they are as follows-
1. Delete drafts
2. Delete downloads
3. Clear the cache
4. Delete the app and download it again.

Why does TikTok take up so much storage space?

TikTok takes up storage space because the number of photos and videos taken and used in the app is huge. In addition, the app also has a cache and cookies during use. Therefore, the app gets bigger with time.

How big is the TikTok app?

The size of the TikTok app is 303.1 MB. That is the minimum requirement when you want to download the app on your mobile.

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