Why doesn’t search on Instagram work? Here’s How To Fix It

Instagram is the most trending photo sharing app. It has more than a billion users worldwide. But it’s been in the news recently for the wrong reason. This has happened due to the constant glitches in the app. The most recent failure is the Search on Instagram doesn’t work. This issue has stirred users worldwide and they are sharing the news on other social media platforms.

The few glitches that have been trending in the past have brought down the app’s reputation and Instagram’s support team has made no statement about it either. We’ve covered the whole news in detail below.

Why is the Instagram search not working?

Why doesn't search on Instagram work?  Here's How To Fix It

Instagram’s search bar is not working for many users around the world which is why there is huge outrage on the platform about the same. The recent glitch is experienced when someone accesses Instagram through a browser, not the app.

You would still find the search bar on the app with a hashtag to search for something. The next moment you would find an error message on the computer or browser saying, “We couldn’t find anything for that search.Instagram users from different parts of the world have complained about this glitch and Instagram has made no statement about it.

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Instagram Downtrend

Why doesn't search on Instagram work?  Here's How To Fix It

Due to the glitch, Instagram users are trending #InstagramDown on Twitter. The users have no idea about the recent failure of one of its key functions. Some people resort to Twitter to share their experiences. And some users are frustrated with the feature not working together for days.

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Recent issues with Instagram

Why doesn't search on Instagram work?  Here's How To Fix It

Recently, Instagram has been surrounded by controversy. And each time, people have shown their fear through other social media platforms. Users were annoyed that they couldn’t send and receive a DM.

Even the permanent dark mode on the app and the malfunctioning of the camera while recording a story left the users more upsetting. So the controversies against Instagram are piling up every day.

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Shut down

The search bar not working on Instagram has led to so much controversy on Instagram that people are shocked by the functioning of the app and find the app quite annoying. For the latest news about the social media platforms, we refer you to our website Path of EX.

Frequently asked question

Why is the Instagram search not working?

The Instagram search is not working properly because the app is not working properly and users around the world are facing this problem.

Why do people resort to Twitter over Instagram?

The Instagram search is not working; people resort to other social media, such as Twitter, to share their problems and anger.

What are the other controversies on Instagram?

The other controversies on Instagram in recent times include the permanent dark mode on the app, the camera not working, blurry image updates not available and more.

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