Why is Instagram asking for birthday and how to fix it?

Many users have reported that Instagram is constantly asking them for birthdays. Are you running into the same problem? If so, you have a right to know the reason behind this. After all, why is this photo sharing application forcing you to fill out this popup? If you would like to know Why is Instagram asking for birthdayknow the reason here.

Instagram has gained billions of users thanks to its amazing features. From updating your posts to creating reels, everything is available on Instagram. Now Instagram has taken another step that is now flooding the internet. It is a popup that asks the users about their birthdays. You might think Instagram is going to give you something as a present… LOL

To learn more about why Instagram asks for birthday, you can find all the detailed information below. You will surely accept the arrival of this new pop-up. Do you want to know why? Keep scrolling.

Why is Instagram asking for birthday?

A popup that confuses the minds of customers is why Instagram asks for birthday. Instagram does not want minors under the age of 13 to use Instagram. Back in the day when you signed up for Instagram, you weren’t required to include your dates of birth. Even minors used to sign up for Instagram.

Gradually, Instagram started adding the verification process that is mandatory for everyone. Now it seems that Instagram is taking a strict step and forcing the users to list their birthday dates.

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If you want to use Instagram smoothly, you need to pass the birthday date to Instagram. Whether you have a business account or another account, stating the date of birth is mandatory. Instagram has given you full assurance that the date of birth will not be visible on your profile. The date of birth will remain on the Instagram servers only. However, depending on your age, it will continue to be used to show you advertisements.

Instagram Check the age of users on Facebook data

As you know, Facebook is a meta-owned application. Now it is impossible to give a false date of birth. Because Instagram double checks Facebook’s data and reveals your birthday date. Please note that you can only sign up if your birthday date on Instagram matches the date of birth on Facebook. You can also get details on Instagram birthday page.

Points to remember when Instagram asks for birthday

  1. If your Instagram is linked to Facebook, you don’t have to manually enter the birthday date. Instagram gets the information from Facebook.
  2. Advanced artificial intelligence determines the correct age of the user.
  3. If you’ve created an account for your pet, you’ll need to provide your date of birth so your pet’s account doesn’t get banned.
  4. If you mention the fake birthday date, your account will be blocked.

Note: To unblock the Instagram account, you must send the identification documents within 30 days

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Issues faced by users when Instagram asks for birthday

  1. Inconvenience occurs when you try to fill in the birthday information.
  2. people cannot send identification documents to unblock their accounts.
  3. People have reported that despite entering the real birthday date, Instagram’s new age recognition system rejects it. It still says the date of birth is incorrect.
  4. Instagram popup with birthday questions shows every few minutes.
  5. Hackers are now trying to exploit the situation by targeting people through bots and tricking them into recovering their Instagram accounts.
  6. Instagram birthday popups appear even when your phone is locked.

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Why is Instagram asking for birthday

If you want to know why Instagram asks for birthday details, know the answers in the video below.

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Hope you got your answer on why Instagram asks for birthday. Enter the birthday details and protect your account from suspension. Now it’s time to wrap up. Keep visiting Path of EX for all the exciting updates. Nice day!

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