YouTube crashes iPhone? Try these 4 quick fixes

For many users, YouTube keeps crashing on iPhones. This problem is even reported by Google. So, hold on. So it’s not just you. However, there are things that can be used to keep the app working for you until it’s officially sorted. YouTube has received multiple bug complaints when many users faced the YouTube crashing iPhone error.

It is not only YouTube app but also YouTube Music and YouTube Kids apps facing the same issue. When you open the app, it first goes blank for a while and closes itself after a few seconds.

Team YouTube recognized the problem and started to solve the “iPhone YouTube crashes” problem. The TeamYoutube Twitter handle, published a Tweet to confirm the problem is on their part. Here is everything you need to know about the problem, and if the YouTube crashing iPhone error is still there for you, then read this article about YouTube Crashing iPhone till the end to find the fixes and workarounds that you can apply.

YouTube crashes iPhone

YouTube crashes iPhone

In his official Tweet, Team YouTube published “Hello, we are aware that many of you who use the YouTube app on iOS devices may get stuck…” around 11:19 am. The Tweet was a sigh of relief as many who faced the problem of YouTube app crashing on iPhones thought their devices were damaged or bugged.

TeamYouTube assured in the same Tweet that the iPhone YouTube crashing issue will be resolved very soon. They said, β€œWe are so sorry and we have started working on a solution! updated soon.” Here’s the full tweet:

It is claimed that the error has been resolved. The TeamYouTube took to Twitter and claimed after about 3 hours: “YouTube…should be working fine now…However, there are some users who have live “YouTube crashing” error. It’s not a developer’s problem. You have to go to another section to find quick fixes for YouTube crashing iPhone.

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YouTube Crashes iPhone: Quick Fixes

YouTube crashes iPhone

If YouTube keeps crashing, then the iPhone error is not fixed as TeamYouTube claimed. You need to follow these solutions to fix YouTube app crashing. Before we go any further, here’s what Google said in its claim:

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Let’s see the solutions if you are still stuck with the “YouTube crashes iPhone” error.

1. Update the YouTube app

YouTube crashes iPhone

If YouTube keeps crashing iPhone, it could be because of an outdated app. If you have not allowed “Automatic Updates”, chances are you need to update the app.

Go to the App Store and search for “YouTube” in the search bar. Tap the result and check if you have any updates. If so, update your app.

2. Internet

YouTube crashes iPhone

There are multiple issues that can cause an app to behave strangely with your internet. Check the following to see if your internet is working properly:

a. Check the internet speed. It should not be less than one MB.

b. Check the balance of the data package. While it normally doesn’t cause YouTube crashing issues, it can happen in some cases if you run out of data. Reload your backpack and check.

c. Unstable connection. If your internet connection is unstable, the YouTube app often keeps crashing. Check if other apps are working properly. Try restarting your Wi-Fi or mobile data.

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3. Restart the iPhone

YouTube crashes iPhone

It’s my favorite solution. Restarting iPhone works wonders for many basic errors including YouTube crashing error. However, it is better to turn off your iPhone for a minute or two. Then turn on the iPhone and witness the magic.

4. Offload or reinstall YouTube

YouTube crashes iPhone

Over time, cache files and more become so large that they cause iPhone YouTube to crash. While you can clean cache files, offloading or reinstalling works better. The latter is mighty compared to offload. Here’s how to do it like a pro:

a. Delete the YouTube app.

b. Turn off your phone for 3-4 minutes. To let it rest for a while.

c. Turn on the iPhone and download the YouTube app from the App Store.

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Shut down

YouTube has fixed the iPhone YouTube crashing issue that millions of YouTube users faced yesterday. It wasn’t just you if you had gone through the same thing. If you still have the problem, try the solutions above. They could not have worked when the app was not available on the servers, but in most cases they will work now.

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